We offer the community an assortment of volunteer positions for people with a wide variety of skill levels or physical abilities.​​

  We achieve our goals by:

  • Creating material collection facilities that will sort, process and prepare donated material for reuse.

  • Create community repurposing centres, where the public can purchase used materials, drop off donations, or get hands on training and education in up-purposing and recycling.
  • Partner with science and technology institutions, businesses and other non-profit organizations to research new uses and markets for the materials we collect.
  • Share selected materials with partner non-profits to lower their expenses and allow us to increase the volume and variety of materials we divert.
  • Create education and marketing programs that will inspire new uses for waste materials, grow consumer demand for repurposed products, empower the community to reuse recycled materials themselves, and present the true economic and environmental value of repurposing. 


We partner with other non-profits, charities and schools to share the materials we collect and inspire creative uses for recycled materials, lowering operating costs of our partners and allowing for even more waste diversion.​

About Us

Job Skills Training:

Our operations can provide a low stress training environment for students or people with barriers to employment.​​

RE/PURPOSE is dedicated to:

  • Reducing waste, especially deconstruction waste, which would otherwise be disposed of in landfill or incinerated.

  • Repurpose (re-use and recycle) waste for the benefit of the environment and the community.
  • Educate, engage and inspire the community for environmental protection.
  • Creating a sustainable operation that uses the sales of donated materials to fund operations. 
  • Continuously increase the volume and type of wastes which are diverted from landfill.


We want to inspire entrepreneurism, creativity and experimentation in the community and with our partners to develop new uses or products using repurposed materials and help bring them to the public.

How It Works:

Most waste from deconstruction or construction projects can be categorized in one of three ways.

  1. Easy to reuse. (items that can be used again with minimal cleaning or repair)

  2. Hard to reuse. (items that require significant preparation before they could be used again)

  3. Unusable. (items that must be disposed of for safety or other concerns)

While other organizations collect and sell items in category one, the bulk of materials are in category two, and those items are usually discarded because of the costs associated with preparing them for reuse.

RE/PURPOSE is unique, in that we intend to collect materials from all categories, sell the easy to use items and use proceeds from those sales to help defer the costs associated with processing and our operations.