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Our First Location is now open! 

493 Mountain Highway.

Open 11am - 7pm 

Wednesday to Sunday

Tel: 604-990-5576​​​

Urban centres like Metro Vancouver throw away or burn, hundreds of thousands of tons of deconstruction materials each year due to the cost associated with collection and processing or simply because there are no places to take them for reuse. 

RE/PURPOSE collects and sorts unwanted items that are easy to resell to help fund the processing of hard-to-reuse materials. 

RE/PURPOSE is dedicated to reducing the levels of construction, deconstruction, and other wastes entering our landfills and incinerators through their redirection back into the community as useable items or as raw manufacturing materials. 

Repurpose is working to build a sustainable [closed loop] operation that helps our city and helps our communities.

The revenue we generate from selling easy to reuse materials funds our operations, processing costs, research & development into creating new products.

We are volunteer-driven, harvesting
new and used consumer products and construction waste materials through donation or collection. We process and return these products to the community for reuse, as is, or as raw materials to be used in the formation of new up-cycled products. 

493 Mountain Highway, North Vancouver

​Volunteers Needed

We need volunteers to help with a

variety duties in the store and


If you like meeting new people, helping your community, or the environment. Why not attend an orientation to learn more. 

What's New

We are accepting Donations 

Free pickup on larger, approved donations. 

Check out the donations page to learn more.